I recently decided to take a breather from LeetCode challenges and react application development. I still wanted to stay in the JavaScript role, but I wanted to add some variety and fun into my coding routine.

For a while, I’ve been bookmarking some cool tutorials from FreeCodeCamp that teach you how to develop games. I felt like I needed some more experience with my stack, before I shifted gears into creating games. Thankfully, I found that tutorials and the Kaboom.JS library to be extremely accessible, easy to use, and fun when it came to building my first game: a clone…

It goes without saying that as a developer having a solid grasp of CSS is not only essential but also leads to much better designed applications.

Though I felt like I had a good handle on CSS, I recently decided to brush up on an aspect of CSS that has always proved tricky for me: grids. While I’ve managed to create grids before in several applications either in CSS or with bootstrap, I’ve had to rely on a lot of googling to come up with my desired layouts.

These one-off questions while able to give me a quick answer did…

I recently discovered Koa JS which is a minimal interface for developing apps and APIs. It is a modern framework from the creators of Express.

There are many benefits to using Koa JS. The framework is extremely light with a smaller footprint than any other Node.js. It also has thin middleware and the option to extend the framework with added modules.

The main focus of speed and creating a better user experience that is fast and can handle many API requests. Koa is build with ES6+ and modern JS syntax.

When it comes to handling requests and responses, Koa encapsulates…

For one of my projects, I recently learned how to create a carousel of images in a react application. Incorporating carousels into your application is a great way to make certain content stand out, keep your application looking organized, and also helps to give the site more interactivity.

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through how to set up a carousel of images in react using the react-responsive-carousel package.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create your functional component

Assuming that you’ve already created your react app, let’s begin by creating a basic functional component that will be responsible for…

As a burgeoning developer, I always believed that Google Chrome was the best and only internet browser for software developers/engineers. As it turns out, there are other browsers to consider using depending on your workflow, style, and coding needs. I’ll touch on two internet browsers that I wasn’t aware of, as well as a sub-browser of Google Chrome for developers that I also wasn’t privy to!

Here are two browsers you should consider exploring and potentially downloading as a software developer.

  1. FireFox Developer Edition

If you’re looking for speed and awesome developer tools, then firefox dev edition is the browser…

One of the best ways to get more comfortable with debugging in JavaScript is to learn how to use the full functionalities of the console.

Here are a few tips and tricks you might not have known about for the console in JavaScript:


  • allows you to group logs into collapsable structures and is very useful if you have multiple logs. This is a great way to stay organized and track tabulated data that you’re working with.


  • will only log something as an error if an assertion fails.


  • displays tabular data as a table. This particular console dev…

It’s been about a little under a month since I finished my coding bootcamp and I’m finding the transition to a more self-directed course of study both fun and challenging.

Recently, I’ve been working through the JS30 challenge and as a result I’ve picked up a couple of productivity hacks when it comes to my VS code editor.

To be honest, I wished I had learned about these nifty little shortcuts while I was still in my coding bootcamp. Nevertheless, I’m a firm believer in continuous learning and I’m always excited to discover new ways to increase my productivity.


For my most recent coding project, I created an image search-based application that uses react for the frontend and rails for the backend API.

In thinking about the functionality of my project, I knew that I wanted to create more than just a static image search feature on the frontend, and instead I wanted to give the user the ability to make image searches that would access a third-party API via my rails backend.

Two major benefits to the application were gained by choosing this route: 1.) Users could search for a wider array of images then if I had…

One of the best features of JavaScript is the incredible versatility the programming language offers developers. Case in point, Javascript allows developers to declare variables in three different ways, either with var, let, or const.

Prior to ES6, var was the standard and only way to write variables in Javascript. However, with the rollout of ES6, developers gained two new and improved ways to declare variables through let and const.

As I’ll explain in this blog post, selecting the correct variables for our program and having a firm understanding of the scope of those variables is critical in ensuring that…

For the fourth project of the Flatiron School’s software engineering program, I created a flash cards single page application using Javascript. The idea behind my application was to create an application that would allow a user to generate flash cards for french verbs.

One of the features that my app includes is the ability for the user to flip the card on a click. In this quick tutorial, I’ll explain how to create a flip card effect using javascript in three easy steps!

Step 1: Create Your HTML Elements

To get started, in your index.html file create the following containers

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