For my most recent coding project, I created an image search-based application that uses react for the frontend and rails for the backend API.

In thinking about the functionality of my project, I knew that I wanted to create more than just a static image search feature on the frontend, and instead I wanted to give the user the ability to make image searches that would access a third-party API via my rails backend.

Two major benefits to the application were gained by choosing this route: 1.) Users could search for a wider array of images then if I had…

One of the best features of JavaScript is the incredible versatility the programming language offers developers. Case in point, Javascript allows developers to declare variables in three different ways, either with var, let, or const.

Prior to ES6, var was the standard and only way to write variables in Javascript. However, with the rollout of ES6, developers gained two new and improved ways to declare variables through let and const.

As I’ll explain in this blog post, selecting the correct variables for our program and having a firm understanding of the scope of those variables is critical in ensuring that…

For the fourth project of the Flatiron School’s software engineering program, I created a flash cards single page application using Javascript. The idea behind my application was to create an application that would allow a user to generate flash cards for french verbs.

One of the features that my app includes is the ability for the user to flip the card on a click. In this quick tutorial, I’ll explain how to create a flip card effect using javascript in three easy steps!

Step 1: Create Your HTML Elements

To get started, in your index.html file create the following containers

Having just completed my Rails project for the Flatiron School, I feel like I’ve grown so much as a developer! I will never look at a URL in the same way again and I look forward to building on top of my newly acquired skills through future projects.

While challenging, this project was a fun way to help solidify some core concepts regarding model associations, nested routes, and form building.

For my project, I created a web application that allows dog owners to connect with one another through an events listing platform. …

For the second portfolio project of the Flatiron School, we were tasked with creating a web application complete with a database using the Sinatra DSL in Ruby. Easier said than done! The Sinatra project was the culmination of several weeks of core concepts that are integral for creating a web application: understanding object associations, building MVC (model-view-controller) frameworks, Restful routes, and learning the fundamentals of SQL to manage data in databases. Personally, I found each of these discrete concepts interesting and enjoyed delving into the world of backend development.

However, when it came time to piece together all these important…

The thought of creating my own CLI application only 3 weeks into my coding bootcamp program was daunting at first. However, after copious amounts of coffee, a few late nights coding, and lots of review of my program notes, I finally have a CLI project that I’m happy to share here.

For my CLI project, I built a Pokédex that allows the user to see the full list of the original 151 Pokémon and look them up by name and index number. After the user makes a choice, the program returns detailed information for that particular Pokémon. …

Why I chose to study software engineering

I still remember the excitement I felt when I printed the words “Hello, World” for the first time in my mac terminal. In retrospect, with 2 weeks of coding boot comp now under my belt, this no longer feels like such a huge accomplishment, but as a newbie, the magic of seeing my code come to life was and still feels incredible. …

Jeff Cuartas

Software Engineer/Entrepreneur/Intercultural Ambassador & Plant Dad

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