Top 5 Keyboard Shortcuts for VS Code

It’s been about a little under a month since I finished my coding bootcamp and I’m finding the transition to a more self-directed course of study both fun and challenging.

Recently, I’ve been working through the JS30 challenge and as a result I’ve picked up a couple of productivity hacks when it comes to my VS code editor.

To be honest, I wished I had learned about these nifty little shortcuts while I was still in my coding bootcamp. Nevertheless, I’m a firm believer in continuous learning and I’m always excited to discover new ways to increase my productivity.

Here are my top 5 keyboard shortcuts for VS Code — mac edition.

  1. click + ⌘D
  • Perhaps the most useful of all the 5 listed here, this particular shortcut allows you to highlight (or select the word at the cursor) and then select all the next occurrences of the current selection by hitting D. An amazing timesaver!

2. ⌘B

  • Allows you to toggle the sidebar visibility. Gone are the days where you have to manually click on the two little sheets of paper icon to hide the visibility of the sidebar

3. ⌥↓ / ⌥↑

  • One of my favorite keyboard shortcuts! Allows you to move the current line of code either up or down depending on the direction of the arrow. This is an extremely useful shortcut that removes the need for copying and pasting lines from one section to the other

4. Home / End

  • Allows you to go to the beginning or end of the line of code

5. ⌘X

  • Cuts the current line of text you’re on

I hope you found these shortcuts helpful! I know for me it took practice to get more comfortable integrating these shortcuts into my workflow.

My recommendation is to either print out or use a virtual post-it note app to jot down these shortcuts as you learn them, so you have them in an easy-to-reference place!


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